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Srisailam Reserve Forest :

Srisailam boasts of one of the largest Tiger Reserves in India. This sanctuary covers an area of 3568 km². The terrain is rugged and winding gorges slice through the area.This area is covered by dry deciduous forests with scrub and bamboo thickets.

These forests provide shelter to a range of animals like the Tiger, Leopard, Deer, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Palm Civet, Bonnet Macaque and Pangolin.

Srisailam Dam :

We find Krishna River flowing via this place, on which Srisailam-Dam is constructed which is about 512 m long. It is set amidst beautiful natural scenery -ghats, cliffs, craggy ridges, plateaus and dense forests. It has twelve crest gates to hold a maximum water level of 885 ft (270 m). The down water of Srisailam-Dam is home to a variety of crocodiles. Andhra Pradesh government supports a breeding program which has been highly successful.

Historic Place :

Srisailam is known for many ancient temples, the most visited place been Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple which is one of the 12 Jhothirling in India. One can also visit Sikharam which is located on the top of the hill, the view is excellent from the top. Patalganga Shakshi Ganapathi , Paladhara Panchadhara and Shivaji Museum.

Akka Mahadevi Caves :

One need to take the boat to reach the place, which  will take one hour to reach. The boat ride operates only before noon, the  ride to this place is excellent where one can find the scenic view and the Chinchu Tribes and Fisherman residing on the banks of the river.

Istakameshwari :

Apart from the general view of Srisailam, which every one  talk about. We strongly recommend the visit to Istakameshwari Temple, the visit to this place is totally rocky surface where our own mode of transportation will not   work, hence we need to hire the Commando-Jeep.The ride to the place will never  let you seat, it bumps always giving more excitement to the ride, the distance covered is roughly 10 kms.

Distance from Hyderabad:

It is located 230 kms from Hyderabad.
 Mallela Theertham is located 190 kms from Hyderabad on the way to Srisailam
 Mallela Theertham to Srisailam is 60 kms

Activities will be covered:

River Crossing
Akka Mahadevi OR Istakameshwari Visit
Team Games
Teppa Ride
Camp Fire

Grade : High

Outlay of the Package: Rs 2,000/- Per Participant.
(Adventure Technical Support Only)

 Check List:

Bag (Rucksack) / Pitthu
Water Bottles (at least 2 liters)
Preferably Jeans and T-Shirt (advisable full-sleeve)
Sports Shoe
Extra Clothing
Prescribed Medicines if any
Camera etc ….

Itinerary for the Camp

Duration: 1 Night 2 Days

Day 1

We will spending the day in Mallela Theertham where one can witness waterfall which is in the middle of dense forest, the fall is directly on small Shivling,and height of the waterfall is approximately 150 ft, the flow of water is through out the year, but in summer the flow is narrow. The water comes from a small stream via this place and flows through the dense jungle and then meet into Krishna River.

Suggest time to departure 7 am
 Team will reach MLT at around 12 Noon
 Camp Introduction
Descending into the valley through 355 steps
 Trekking around the valley
River crossing across the Pond
Sliding / Zipline
 Camp Fire
 Departure to SSL

Day 2

 We will be spending the day in SSL
Akka Mahadevi Caves / Istakameshwari
 Departure from SSL
 On the way Teppa
 Team Games
 Back to Hyderabad by 11:30 pm


1. For the above packages minimum requirement is 20 participants & Max 100 Participants.

2. Cost of the package does NOT includes Accommodation, Food, Refreshment/Tea Breaks, and  Transportation OR any other expenses related to the camp.

3. Cost of the package includes Adventure Support only.

4. If the participants committed are more than 20 and in case of any dropout 50% of the package cost have to be paid.

5. Mode of payment: - 100 % well in advance .

6. Littering, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the camp.

7. Team Wildwoods will join you at decided location, from where you will be taken to the camp site, organize the activities and come back.

8. Transportation, Accommodation and Food have to be arranged for Team Wildwoods.

9. All Rules and Regulations of  Wildwoods are applicable.


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