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We take the privilege in introducing ourselves as Wildwoods Adventure placed in Hyderabad. Our Members are trained in National Reputed institutions like Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) at Darjeeling, Nehru Instituted of Mountaineering (NIM) at Uttarkashi and DMAS Manali.

Adventure is passion with us, where we enjoy each and every movement of it, to be more professional in the field before taking up camps we started accruing training in different activities. After due certification, we started the organization.

 We have proven record of organizing adventure activities throughout the country since 1996. Our members have decades of experience in conducting various adventure activities, be they Terrestrial, in or on Water, or in the Air. (For more  information check out Member’s Profile)


  Himalayan Trek
  Rock Climbing
  Water Skiing
  River Rafting
  Expeditions (Himalayan, Car, Bike, Cycle)
  Live Demonstration
  Rescue Operations
  Team Building Activities
  Jungle Safari
  Wildlife Photography
  Welfare Activities
  Rope Course
  Obstacle Course
  And many more

We take the total responsibility of conducting the program. We ensure professional competence, safety, proper logistics and we provide trained experts to conduct the programs.


Safety comes first with our organization, and then comes activities, followed by fun. Any moment of time if we feel safety is the concern we do not mind even to wind up for the day.

We strongly recommend that people suffering with Health issues do  not join us or consult us before you take decision, we will try and see that you are not disappointed. (Recommended to Listed Health Hazards)

To overcome any kind of minor medical issues faced in camps, we have our members who are trained in First Aid, and are competent enough to handle any situation The First Aid training is not a one time affair with us, but every year we revise the syllabus.

Apart from the general safety measures, we ensure that the activities which we organize are also taken care as well. Before we start the day we ensure that the participants are aware about the surrounding, what and where there are going to perform the activities.Our objective of the camp is to assure that the participants take part in the activities, we give proper briefing and demonstration before we start.

As we hold various locations and if the gap to a particular location is more than One year, then we have a Survey-Team which re -survey the location to monitor if  any changes have occurred.


We hold various locations in India, primarily in our state, we cater not only  trekking but also few technical activities involved with it.

We NOT only work on weekends but Wildwoods camp through out the year, YES! 365 Days, as per customer requirements. We advise summer as an off season in  south India, therefore we shift our camp towards North.

 Apart from the Adventure we also organize Outbound Activities, depending on the time and client’s requirement.

For details on the location visit Packages


The best part of our organization is we do not hold any Brochure or any kind of publicity material to market our services. You might be wondering how we are able to withstand in the competitive market, it is only because of our satisfied customers  who have discussed their experience with there friends what we call as oral  publicity.

Here we would like to thank one and all.

Our camps are designed in such a manner that the every participant feel as a one family at the end of the day.


Our cliental is very strong; we have organized camp for the major IT Industries, BPOs, and Educational Institutions.


Our outlay of the package is very reasonable, we charge only for the Adventure Activities, whereas other logistics (Transport, Foods, and Accommodation etc) need to be arranged by the participants depending on their budget and interest.

If required, we will suggest the vendors for other services.

Then what are you thinking about? Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to do  what you’ve always wanted to, grab this chance to make your life exiting and  adventurous!

.....Go Camping.....

We do not believe in long lectures, hence would like to end up by saying

“Ten years from now you shall not get disappointed by thinking that, I must have done it when I had the opportunity. So, throw off the  bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, and catch trade winds in your sail.”


“Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have
reached the top.Then you will see how low it was."


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