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As we strongly believe in exploring new places, we present Mallela Theertham (it is a location in the valley) which was discovered as a potential Adventure site by our team lead by Mr. Hari Charan Singh and Team in the year 1997, which is   located in Nallamala Range, since then the site has been used for various Adventure Activities. Of late, though you find many changes in the area, the exquisiteness is still held out there.

Your attention will be drawn by waterfall which is in the middle of dense forest, the fall is directly on small Shivling, and height of the waterfall is approximately 150 ft, one can find the flow of water through out the year, but in summer the flow is narrow. The water comes from a small stream via this place and flows through the dense jungle and then meets into Krishna River.

Nallamala Forest is probably the largest stretch of undisturbed forest in south India. A large part of the forest is a part of the Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which has a viable tiger population.

 To find more about the location, join us to carry an unforgettable experience with you.

Distance from Hyderabad:

 It is located 190 kms from Hyderabad on the way to Srisailam
 Hyderabad to Vatavarlapalli 180 kms, from there the MLT is 10 kms approx.

Activities will be covered:

River crossing

 Team Games
 Camp Fire

Grade : High

Package 1:

Outlay of the Package Per Person: 700 /-
(Adventure Technical Support Only)

Package 2:

Outlay of the Package Per Person: 1,500 /-
Includes - Adventure Activities, Food (Breakfast, Simple Lunch Veg, High Tea and Dinner (Non-Veg & Veg).

Package 3:

Outlay of the Package Per Person: 2,200 /-
Includes - Package 2 + Transport

Check List:

 Bag (Rucksack) / Pitthu
 Water Bottles (at least 2 liters)
 Preferably Jeans and T-Shirt (advisable full-sleeve)
 Sports Shoe
  Camera etc …

Itinerary for the Camp

Suggest time to departure at 6 am
Team will reach MLT at around 11 Noon
Camp Introduction
Descending into the valley through 355 steps
Trekking around the valley
River crossing across the Pond
Sliding and Team Games
Camp Fire
Back to Hyderabad by 11:45 pm / 12:45 am


1. For the above packages minimum requirement is 20 participants & Max 100 Participants.

2. Cost of the Package includes Food, Non A/C Transportation and all the above mentioned activities based on the package selected.

3. If the number of participants committed are more than 20 and in case of any dropout 50% of the package cost have to be paid. (Minimum 20 members payment should be made to organize the event)

4. Littering, Smoking, Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the camp.

5. Mode of payment 75 % well in advance and the balance 25 % on the day of the camp.

6. Transportation and Food have to be arranged for Team Wildwoods in case of Package 1.

7. All Rules and Regulations of Wildwoods are Applicable.



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