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To Whom It May Concern:

Attending Camp At: _______________________________________________

Attending from (Dates): ____________________ to ______________________

1. Participant Name:

2. Date of Birth:

3. Sex:

4. Occupation:

5. Contact No:

6. Email ID (personal):

7. Email ID (official):

I____________________________________S/o,D/o,W/o____________________ Agree to adhere strictly to the discipline of program and abide by the directions of the organizers at all times during the program.

In case of any accident, illness, injury, loss, death during camp/course/training/traveling or in any other way, neither my executor nor I will hold the Wildwoods Adventure (including it’s Members or Instructors nor my Employer ) responsible. Or any claim, which may be any third party against them in connection of said training, or journey. I declare that I do not have any infectious disease and I am keeping good Health.

Date :- ___________

Place :____________                   Participant Signature : ____________________


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